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Introducing 98thPercentile's End of Year Readiness Test for Math & English. This readiness exam is created as per the Common Core Standards so that you can see how well-prepared your child is overall for end of the year test.

98thPercentile, a well-known online learning platform offering accelerated after-school programs in Math, English, Coding, and Public Speaking, is the organization behind this test.

With 98thPercentile's Free Online Math & English Exam, you can give your child the self-assurance they require for the end-of-year exam. If your child has finished their English and Math coursework, is through with revision, and is now anticipating success on the end-of-year test?
It is essential to know how well prepared they are for the test before they attempt it. End-of-the-year readiness test will boost the child's confidence, allowing them to overcome their fear of the original test.
98thPercentile wants its students to succeed, and it considers the end-of-year test to be an important part of children's education.

The test's features include practice worksheets, identifying and filling skill gaps, and video tutorial solutions. This Readiness Test for Math covers the following topics: operations in algebraic thinking, operations in base 10, measurement and data, number systems, fractions, decimals, integers, rational numbers, ratios, and proportions, equations and expressions, statistics and probabilities, and geometry.

Readiness test topics covered in English are parts of speech, sentences and paragraphs, capitalization and punctuation, spelling, formal and informal language, vocabulary strategies and use, and figurative and descriptive language.

To effectively prepare for the test, begin early and allow plenty of time to study and study all the above-mentioned topics thoroughly. Make an exam schedule so you know what subjects to study and when. Make a strategy and organize your study area. Take group classes and explain your responses to others. Take brief study breaks. Drink plenty of water and eat healthily. Get plenty of rest.

Any US resident currently enrolled in Grades 3-8 at any of the schools is eligible to apply for the End of the Year Readiness Test. To apply, complete the basic registration form. Once completed, you will receive a detailed form to the email address you provided. To complete the registration process, you must provide all of the information requested in the detailed form. Providing correct school grades ensures that the child receives the appropriate Grade Test paper. This test is completely free of charge.

For more details regarding the registration, you can visit -

So, Mom and Dad! Get prepared for your child to take the end-of-year test with confidence and readiness. Register right now for free


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